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Printing Swing Tables

The JPDF allows you to print Swing Tables (JTable) on as many pages across and down as required. The pagination logic ensures that table rows are not bisected at the bottom page margin.

The options which control the print-rendering of a Table Component can be specified programatically or from a specialized Page Setup dialog (pictured to the right). These options include:
  • The table headers can be repeated on every page.
  • The table can be printed with or without column/row headers.
  • The table can be scaled by a specified Scale Factor, or to fit one page across.
  • The table can be centered horizontally on the page.
  • The table can be printed without horizontal/vertical grid lines.
  • The table columns can optionally be bisected at the right page margin.
  • The table can be printed without using its background color.
  • The selected table cells can be highlighted.
  • The table can be offset from the page margins and headers/footers.
  • All table rows or only the selected rows can be printed.

Additional options can be used to specify the content of page headers/footers, and page framing.

The images below show the first two pages of a table which is printed two pages across.

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