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Printing Swing Panels

The JPDF allows you to print Swing Panels (JPanels) containing simple components such as labels, buttons, list boxes, and so on. Additionally, panels containing application-specific graphics (e.g. business charts) can likewise be printed. In general, any panel displayed on the screen can be printed. The API allows you to specify the locations of the page breaks so that your panel is attractively segmented onto the required pages. 
(NOTE: Panels containing complex components such as Tables and Trees are best printed as a list of components.)

The options which control the print-rendering of a Panel Component can be specified programatically or from a specialized Page Setup dialog (pictured to the right). These options include:
  • The panel can be scaled by a specified Scale Factor, or to fit a specified number of pages.
  • The panel can be horizontally and/or vertically centered on the page.
  • The panel can be offset from the page margins and headers/footers.

Additional options can be used to specify the content of page headers/footers, and page framing.

The image below shows a Panel Component print-out.

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