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JPDF Preview Capability.

The JPDF Preview Capability allows the user to display an on-screen representation of how the material to be printed will appear on paper. The preview dialog allows the user to navigate through the pages to be printed, zoom the display to an appropriate magnification scale, change the Page Setup parameters (e.g. paper size, margins, headers/footers, and so on), and print the previewed material.

Preview Dialog

Preview Dialog Toolbars
The Toolbars at the top of the Preview Dialog allow the user to perform the required operations.  The dialog provides a great deal of flexibility in the arrangment of the displayed toolbars.  You can choose to include a subset of the standard toolbars provided by the JPDF, and/or to augment these standard toolbars with ones you create.
Page Navigation
The Page Navigation Toolbar allows the user to navigate through the pages of the previewed material.
Preview Layout
The Preview Layout Toolbar allows the user to select the arrangement of the previewed pages. This toolbar contains four buttons:
  1. The Single Page button displays a single page at a time.
  2. The Single Row button displays a single row of pages (i.e. two side-by-side pages) at a time.
  3. The Single Column button displays all of the pages arranged in a single column.
  4. The Full Grid button displays all of the pages arranged in a grid.
Zoom Factor
The Zoom Factor Toolbar allows the user to control the preview zoom factor (i.e. magnification). The material can be zoomed to a specific zoom-percentage, to fit an entire page without scrolling, or to fit the entire page width without horizontal scrolling.
Page Setup
The Page Setup Toolbar allows the user to specify the Page Orientation (portrait or landscape) and Page Margins.
Scale Factor
The Scale Factor Toolbar allows the user to control the scale factor (i.e. magnification) of the material being previewed.
Text Search
The Text Search Toolbar allows the user to search for text in the previewed material.
The Setup-Print Toolbar contains buttons which allow the user to display the Page Setup dialog, and to Print the previewed material.  Changes made on the Page Setup dialog are applied to the preview display when the Apply or OK button is pressed from the dialog.  The Print Button can be configured to display a Print Dialog, or to print the material without displaying a dialog.
Preview Dialog
The Preview Dialog Toolbar contains buttons which configure the Preview Dialog.  The Size To Fit button sizes the dialog so that a page of the previewed material fits within it.  The Maximize button maximizes the dialog.  The Close button closes the dialog.
The Auto-hide Toolbar allows the user to enable or disable Toolbar Autohide.  When autohide is enabled, the toolbars are automatically hidden when the mouse is outside of the toolbar container.  This maximizes the area of the dialog dedicated to displaying the previewed material.

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